Individual Artist Statements:

“Caffeine” 2019, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This piece illustrates how one can be blind to the negative effects of caffeine, due to “liking the rush.” This image plays on the irony of enjoying the thing that’s killing you. The addiction, combined with lack of sleep, allows individuals to not see the reality of the situation (their face is slowly becoming skeletal, resembling their addiction, along with the surrounding cloud of skull-like steam).

“Nutrition” 2020, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This piece depicts the stress and anxiety around an individual viewing food as nutritional numbers and calories (essentially fuel), as opposed to just food.

It plays upon the irony that an obsession with “healthy eating” can lead to worse health (mentally and physically) than the alternative.

“Don’t Forget to Take Your Pills” 2019, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This image was inspired by my father’s relationship with his medication. He’s constantly watching the clock and often waking in the middle of the night in a panic to take his pills.

This piece was meant to play on the irony of how something that is meant to keep you healthy physically, can harm you mentally.

“Insomnia” 2020, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This visual plays on the irony of how sometimes the more we try to do something, the more we struggle and fail.

This is an image of an individual desperately trying to sleep, but cannot while the night slowly passes him by.

“Fasting” 2020, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This is an illustration of how one’s pursuit of health, can do the exact opposite. It can isolate and starve them – harming them both mentally and physically. This can be seen through both the character’s sweater (a reflection of their body’s starvation), as well as the spaghetti, which is perceived as a skull (depicting their distorted view of reality).

“Agoraphobia” 2020, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

“Agoraphobia” is the extreme or irrational fear of leaving one’s own home, or of being in places from which escape is difficult.

This piece depicts the extreme fear, anxiety, and irony one has about not wanting to leave their safe space, while simultaneously longing to escape and experience the world.

“Over-Exercising” 2020, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This piece depicts how too much of a “good” thing can be a bad thing. The character is shown bandaging their tired, sore, wounded foot, after over exerting themselves. The line work is meant to resemble a heart monitor to further depict both them running, as well as their throbbing foot pain.

“Hypochondria” 2020, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This illustration displays an individual literally “connecting the dots,” to determine that they’re dying. They’re shown turning a simple rash into a skull, thus concluding it meaning death. Furthermore, it depicts how overanalyzing, can lead to seeing something in nothing.

“Supplements” 2020, Watercolour & Ink on Paper [9″x10″]

This image displays the irony of how a fear of malnutrition can lead to just that. Health misinformation can lead to some believing that supplements are superior to food.

An individual is seen looking into their fridge for nourishment, but all they can find is pill bottles. They think they’re doing their body good, when in reality their starving themselves.