Personal Work

Here’s some of the things I make in my spare time. I also experiment with nail-polish…

here are some of my nail polish paintings. Naturally I try to never waste anything. This often leads me to finding new, interesting, and creative ways of repurposing things – including old clumpy nail polish. The issue with this medium is that I’m limited with my colour palate, and can’t properly render, or blend. Thus, I’m always faced with the struggle of having to find an image I can recreate using the colours I have available to me prior to starting. In doing so, these paintings have taught me a lot about pre-planning, texture, and colour theory.

The process begins with me first developing a colour palate from my collection of old nail polishes. Then I find an image that fits my colours, and I start drawing. From there, I just apply thick coats of nail polish until I reach my desired look – and just like that, it’s done!

“Agoraphobia” 2020
“Lost in the Blue” 2021
“Blue Heron Mural” 2019
Murals/Feature Walls