I’ve always been a passionate. artist and painter since birth. I made art my entire life, and studied Illustration at OCAD U. I have since started a business, and work as a freelance artist.

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Natasha Gibski

Hello, I’m Natasha! It’s very nice to meet you.

I’m an artist that specializes in traditional analogue painting, portraiture, and illustration. I graduated from OCAD University, and I’m very passionate about both learning and creating. I love not only creating my own artworks, but also taking on the challenge to bring someone else’s creative vision to life!

I’m up for the challenge if you are!

What I Do:


Murals/Feature Walls


Anything & Everything with a Brush!

Past Work Experiences

Artist/Commissioned Painter For The Canadian Rheumatology Association
Worked with the CRA to create/design one cohesive painting that encompassed 76 years of their work.

Feature Wall Artist/Commissioned Painter For Pizzale Design Inc.
(2021 – present)
Worked with their designers to help bring their creative vision to life. My job was to hand-paint and roll the walls according to their designs.

Commissoned Artist, Hand-made/Hand-painted Up-cycled Campfire Bench Series
Based on my own Studio Ghibli Inspired Bench Series, I was tasked to create, design, and paint a series of five custom benches, that all encompassed each of the personalities of those who they were made for. Here’s what I came up with …